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POLSAF Constitution

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1. Name
The port of Liverpool Sea Angling Federation Will be known as POLSAF

2. Aim
The aims of POLSAF is to maintain anglers right to fish the river Mersey from the walls within the Liverpool dock areas. MDAHC/PEEL PORTS. To liaise with Peel Ports for our rights and the pleasure of angling the river Mersey from within the dock areas. Polsaf will negotiate with Peel Ports and make sure all rules and agreements negotiated with Peel Ports are adhered to by all clubs and personal members affiliated to POLSAF.

3. Powers
POLSAF will have the power to prohibit any club, club member and personal member who fail to adhere to the rules and regulations agreed by POLSAF or that were negotiated with Peel Ports.

4. Membership
All clubs and private members must be affiliated to Polsaf for the purpose of fishing the river Mersey from the dock estate.

New clubs wishing to affiliate with Polsaf must
• Produce a copy of the club constitution.
• Produce a copy of the clubs insurance certificate – must be valid for the period of affiliation.
• Pay an affiliation fee, Amount and payment deadline to be set at by committee at AGM.
• Produce a list of members and payments for club members wishing to join POLSAF and gain a ISPS fishing permit.
• Appoint a club representative to participate in POLSAF business, meetings and provide contact details for club board members.
• Provide names of club bailiffs.

Existing affiliated clubs wishing to re affiliate with Polsaf must
• Produce a copy of the clubs insurance certificate – must be valid for the period of affiliation.
• Pay an affiliation fee, Amount and payment deadline to be set at by committee at AGM.
• Produce a list of members and payments for club members wishing to join POLSAF and gain an ISPS fishing permit.
• Appoint a club representative to participate in POLSAF business, meetings and provide contact details for club board members.
• Provide names of club bailiffs.

Individuals wishing to join Polsaf must produce
• A copy of individual insurance- must be valid for period of affiliation
• Any personal members wishing to join Polsaf must pay an affiliation fee. Amount and deadline payment date to be set at by committee at AGM.
• Pay ISPS Fee in advance for fishing permit.

Junior members.
Junior Polsaf members are members aged 12 - 17 years old.
Minimum age for Polsaf membership is 12 years old.
Junior members are to be supervised by a parent or guardian at all times when on the dock estate.
Junior members aged 12-15 are prohibited from fishing the open wall. They are only allowed to fish with the wall in front of them.
Juniors aged 16-18 are allowed to fish the open wall but must be under close supervision at all times.
ISPS Officer to confirm juniors age and date of birth prior to issuing permits to juniors.

Any members who wish to fish the river Mersey from within the dock area must pay in advance for their ISPS fishing permit.
The ISPS fishing permits are valid from 1st January 2018 to the 31st December 2019 for the period of issue. All permits produced during this period will expire on the 31st Dec 2019 regardless of when they are issued during this period.
All Polsaf members whether private or club members must produce insurance certificate when requested by the committee -a copy will suffice.
Club reps are responsible for insuring club constitutions, membership lists, permit payments, affiliation fees and bailiff details are kept up to date with the Polsaf secretary and treasurer.
Club reps are responsible for notifying Polsaf of any members who have left their club and are therefor no longer covered by club insurance.

5 Committee
A committee will be elected from the POLSAF representatives whom have been elected by their clubs, to represent their clubs (known as Club Reps).
The committee will consist of the following positions, Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer.
Supporting roles will include. President and Fur and Feathers organiser.
Other positions can be proposed to the committee by Reps should they be deemed necessary, or if the committee feel other positions will be helpful to POLSAF business.
Anyone nominated for positions must be nominated by a fellow club representative and seconded by a second representative. A vote will then be taken with a majority vote for election.
Representatives will hold their position for the period of the Polsaf permit issue. Currently two year period 01/01/18- 31/12/19. They must only hold one position at any given time. Representatives from Peel Ports/MDAH/ISPS are requested to participate in the running of Polsaf by attending meetings and working with the board on investigations.

6 Officers

will preside over all meeting's running them in a correct manner pass on any information by peel/M.D.A.H / ISPS/ and any other information from other
person's that effect's POLSAF if voting is needed on any issue it will be proposed
seconded/ if vote is tied chair will have casting vote

will be responsible minutes at any meetings general/Peel/M.D.A.H and open
every meeting with minutes being seconded, keep records of insurance polices
of member club's /and list of all permit member's to tally with payment's made
to treasurer.

is responsible for collection and control of all monies in and out of fund's
and give and receive receipt’s keep record of payment for permit fee's
so they tally with member's number's and give account of balance at each

6.1 Supporting roles

will be voted in by affiliated club's his or her duty will be to preside over meeting at
A.G.M when old committee step's down and see's that nominees are voted in
Correctly' nominated/seconded/majority vote if vote is tied PRESIDENT will have casting vote. He or she will also liaise with committee making sure they stay within the rules and agreements. They will also step in when a committee member is not available

Will organise and run the annual fur and feathers event, communicate details with the affiliated clubs and members. Organise and purchase the prizes for the competition and ensure trophies are purchased and engraved with the winners name.

7. Meetings

General meetings will take place a minimum of four times per year, the meeting schedule may include additional meetings should the need arise.

A.G.M- will take place on an annual basis.
Committee business will be completed at the meeting before A.G.M.
The board will step down from their positions. (This does not mean they cannot put themselves forward for re-election.)
The president will take over the meeting and oversee the election of the board.
Affiliation fees for the coming year will be agreed and voted upon.

EGM- can be called by the chairman should the need arise

All affiliated clubs are to ensure they are represented at POLSAF meetings. If a club rep is not available the club are responsible for arranging a replacement rep. Failure to attend meetings may result in removal of affiliation for a club and loss of fishing privileges for club members.
Each affiliated club and one representative of the collective personal members will be allocated one vote on POLSAF business, should the vote be tied the chairman will have the deciding vote.

8. Finance
The financial year shall for all accounting purposes terminate on the 31st December.
A balance sheet showing the final disposition of the Federation at the end of the preceding financial year shall be prepared and submitted to the federation at the AGM.
Fishing permit fees will be collected by the treasurer and then submitted to the ISPS officer by cheque.
Polsaf cheques will be required to have two signatures, one must be the treasurer, the second can be either the chairman or the secretary.


Any club or member
• is abusive/threatening to anyone in fishing areas, meeting's, emails, phone calls, text messages or POLSAF web site.
• Brings POLSAF into disrepute.
• Breaches POLSAF rules or agreements.
• Damages dock property
• fish's in unauthorised places
• fraud or dishonesty within POLSAF

The following will apply

1/ asked to leave meeting/venue

2/ verbal warning

3/ written warning

4/ loss of permit for period

5/ dismissal from POLSAF

The board will conduct an investigation with the evidence from the offender with their representative from club.
The board will then decide what stage to take. The board’s decision is final.

10. Dissolution
The Federation may only be dissolved by the resolution of two consecutive General meetings, notice of which must be served separately. Such resolutions must be supported by three quarters of those present entitled to vote, which shall represent at least half of the voting strength of the Federation. If such a resolution is passed the board will have the power to liquidate the affairs of the Federation and if there be any assets on realisation, they be handed to the RNLI

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