Where, Why and When Polsaf was introduced
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1] members must wear hi vis clothing at all times

2] permits visible at all times an shown to bailiffs an security on request .

3] a minimum of 2 anglers over the age of 18YEARS are allowed to fish on
open walls into the river anglers aged 16 YEARS TO 18 YEARS must be
accompanied by a adult and are deemed as [one angler ]

4] ANGLERS AGED 12 YEARS to 16 YEARS and can only fish venues with closed walls or railings
in front of them I;e west Langton adjacent to alex wall deemed disabled area and
sandon with railings in front and MUST AT ALL TIMES BE ACCOMPANIED BY A ADULT]

5] the west Langton closed wall adjacent to the alex wall and sandon behind railings
single anglers are allowed so long as they are over the age OF 18 YEARS

6] all permit holders have right to enter dock estate to travel to fishing areas only and must not
divert to any other area

7] these rules an regulations have been passed on to the port police because of recent disputes
on fishing venues in a meeting between polsaf [chair] and martin humphryes port police
to make it more explanatory in future, any complaints about the above rules will be reported to polsaf
and dealt with under rule 9 in constitution [discipline ]

8] agreed between [PEEL PORTS /POLSAF /M.D.H.C /

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