Polsaf Membership / Pass Issue

All members of Polsaf. Either personal or via club(s),MUST have signed this agreement.
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Polsaf Membership / Pass Issue

#1 Postby Donna » Sun Aug 23, 2015 1:48 pm

Members of affiliated clubs should apply for their pass via the club rep.

Individuals wishing to apply for a pass must follow the procedure detailed below.

Firstly download and print the agreement titled Peel Agreement from this website.
Sign and forward the agreement along with a cheque for payable to Polsaf, a copy of your insurance ( Personal indemnity insurance is required by Peel Ports ie. angling trust, welsh federation etc. ) and an s.a.e.
By return you will recieve a membership slip and contact details and instructions for pass issue.

Individual members wishing to apply for renewal must send a cheque for payable to Polsaf, copy of valid insurance, an s.a.e. and quote existing or previous pass number
The above still holds except for
1/ New procedure is all permits will expire 31st dec 2019 no matter when purchased.

2/ A new permit issue from 1st jan 2018 will be a 2 yearly pass
cost to individuals is £40 payable before dec 31st once they have paid they should
exchange old permit for new one,
this is bring them into line with polsaf.

3/ This is a cost saving exercise by PEEL PORTS,
to receive Postal address: contact-polsaf-sec-donna hollett [email] polsafsec2013@gmail.com
and any other related enquiries .

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