Sandon Dock . Restricted fishing with immediate effect.

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Sandon Dock . Restricted fishing with immediate effect.

#1 Postby Donna » Fri May 17, 2019 1:05 pm

We have been in a meeting today with peel ports and the Isps. With immediate effect due to safety concerns on the area.
The Sandon Dock has now got restrictions in place as below
1. No fishing on the open wall at any time at the Sandon
2. Fishing is restricted to daylight hours only.
3. Fishing is only authorised behind the railing at the knuckle.

This is none negotiable and is due to safety concerns raised during our site inspection. repair work has been requested to be undertaken to make the area safe. We are awaiting feedback as to the timeline for the rectifications.

Anyone found to be breaking these instructions will be ejected from the site and will have their permits withdrawn.

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